Who is Tauri Dynamics?

About us

Tauri Dynamics is a tech-savvy digital strategy and software development company that provides IT business services in varying capacities and fields. We empower clients in Kenya by crafting unique value-added technology solutions that boost our clients' businesses.

We emphasize on providing B2B IT services with a focus on strategy and top notch customer service.

Our need to ensure our customers are wholly satisfied is the driving force behind our constant interaction with clients through 24-hour support.

We identified a need in the market when we realized that many companies are looking to increase their brand awareness and to incorporate technology to aid their business but either lack the technical know-how or don't even know where to start because they lack a reliable digital partner.

Our services

Why Tauri Dynamics


We take a very personalized approach to business. Every business is unique, even ones in the same industry, therefore, we aim to understand what your needs are and how best we can solve them using as few resources as possible

It is for this reason we have a very high client retention rate of 91% as we believe that once a client recognizes the value you are bringing to them, they have every reason to stay and get some more

We are very results oriented. Which is why we hold monthly report meetings with clients to bring them up to speed on the progress we have had in the past few weeks and to re-light the path to achieve their goals.

Our Services